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Anna Ciardullo Villapiana is an Italian poetic voice currently based out of Ontario, Canada.

…and the silence becomes music
weaving threads of far away worlds
of flights that taste of dreams
of awakenings that taste of sea.

by Anna Ciardullo Villapiana. ©
English translation by Carina Francioso



Teacher and poet, she explores the world of feelings, passion, faith, words, sounds and reflects them back to the reader in the form of poetry. Her primary focus is to share the Italian culture and language through poetry and teaching.







“A new poetic voice, brimming with warmth and hope…”
– Excerpt from Studies in Honour of Guido Pugliese, Prof. Gabriel Niccoli


“…this type of constructive, generative dialogue with the Self and with the Other, be it Human, Nature, the Divine will be a structural variant throughout the poet’s variegated journey. It is, we are at times reminded, a meta-literary journey across a metonymic Atlantic, classical liquescent mirror of her poetic voice, of her very body and soul…”
Excerpt from Fragments of Light, Critical Introduction, Prof. Gabriel Niccoli


“…by and large a book that affects and doesn’t just convey musical emotions and love with both hands, not just metaphors loaded with images and colours in motion. It is a book that upsets and pushes to look inward, in good and in regret, in the pain of desertion and in the rebirth of hope. It is a meditative and spiritual contemplation that,
slowly as it is in the verse, changes violence into the placid calm of the Mudra.”
– Excerpt from Preface of Beyond the Sea by Bruna Cicala, Poet & Writer


Presentation of Fragments of Light, Laurignano, Cosenza, Italy.


Contribution of Art & Poetry ICAP Conference, Guelph, Ontario.



Presentation of Beyond the Sea, Dialogue by Verse, Genazzano, Rome, Italy.