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The Cave of Dreams


Enveloped in a white aura
she resists his love,
her hair didn’t glide through his fingers,
her lips didn’t taste his kiss,
so close they were far away,
waiting, like lightning about to strike the ground
someone would die if contact was made.

Enveloped in the white of an aura
she resists his words
full of emptiness,
his eyes and the desire
that resound in her thoughts,
destabilizing, like a fright,
vertigo of fading life
that creates a vortex
in which she does not let herself fall in.

And balancing on a thread of wool,
her legs crossed, her hands in Mudra,
she remains enveloped in a white aura,
avoiding moments of mere surrenders.

Al di là del mare, Dialoghi DiVersi/Beyond the Sea, 2018
~ Anna Ciardullo Villapiana ©

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