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The Maple Tree


And then we undress,
like autumn trees,
to redress with the same leaves
we once let fall,
torn clothes
we patch up on,
waiting for an icy wind
sweeping everything,
while covering the branches with snow.

Arms towards the sky
from which buds blossom
to nurture the heart
and pulses, breaths of life,
dreams, new words.

You run, stop to breathe,
run again, stop and pray.

The paths get crowded with fake smiles
elongated sounds,
arms that hold you close,
eyes that gaze inside you,
and kisses on your heart.

While the growing avalanche
passes you by,
rings of sun hidden behind white clouds
and nights of stars,
hands gliding on a body, shield,
prison that frees the soul.

And dreams fly around the thoughts
you touch them lightly with your hands
then you run, stop to love
you run again, stop to dream.

Al di là del mare, Dialoghi DiVersi/Beyond the Sea, 2018
Anna Ciardullo Villapiana ©

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