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Your Lips


Making annoying and petty sounds
and glimpsing happiness.

Creating exciting and sublime sensations
and falling into a crazy emotion. 

How much of yourself
remains in your gestures,
how much of yourself
resonates in words.

Two opposite worlds are pending from your lips:
sky and earth,
dream and reality,
sublime and ephemeral.

A thin line divides those two worlds
and only one feeling
unites them.

Will you be the earth that I’ll furrow
or a new horizon behind my sky,
will you be the dream dressing up my nights
or the reality stripping off my soul,
will you be the sublime that enfolds me
or the ephemeral returning dust to life.

your lips are on fire,
a symbol of annoying and petty
exciting and sublime love.

Percorsi Interiori/Inner Paths, 2007

~ Anna Ciardullo Villapiana ©

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